1985 Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex Coupe

1985 Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex Coupe

Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex – AE86

The AE86 or Hachi-roku is synonymous with having popularized drifting and many enthusiasts know the ae86 from the manga series, Initial D. Toyota had changed the drive layout to front-wheel drive for the e80 platform but knew there was still demand for a car geared towards driving enthusiasts. Thus, Toyota kept the rear-wheel drive layout for the Corrola Levin and Trueno. The car is powered by a 4A-GE twin-cam, 16 valve 4 cylinder engine making roughly 128hp. Combine all this with a 5-speed manual and a curb weight of 2300lbs and you get a very fun and capable sports car.

This particular AE86 is in fantastic condition for being almost 40 years old and still presented in mostly its original form with exception of an aftermarket exhaust, HKS intake, a front strut bar, and BRIDE racing seat for the driver. The car also comes equipped with aftermarket fog lights and a rear tow hook. Although not a Sprinter Trueno, the paint scheme and black wheels closely resemble that of the Initial D AE86.

The AE86 really stands especially among any car enthusiast and is an absolute blast to drive. Feel free to message us with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Financing available with 650+ Score and 10% down in most cases.

Motor 4A-GEU
Displacement 1600cc
Drive layout RWD

This vehicle has been inspected by Revhard Motors prior to importing. 

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    – Inspection
    – Full exterior, interior detail

    – Aftermarket exhaust
    – HKS Intake
    – Front strut bar
    – BRIDE racing seat (driver only)
    – ADVAN steering wheel
    – Kenwood stereo with Bose speakers
    – Fog lights
    – Rear tow hook

    – Sunroof
    – electric windows with automatic drivers side switch
    – power door locks
    – front windshield defroster
    – power-adjustable mirrors
    – cupholders (not factory)

    Sale Pending
    Body Coupe
    Mileage 42,000km
    Fuel type Gasoline
    Engine 4A-GE Twin Cam 16V I4
    Year 1985
    Transmission 5-Speed Manual
    Drive RWD
    Exterior Color White/Black
    Interior Color Gray