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1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

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1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
91,343 km
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1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

R32 GT-R – Series II

This car was meticulously built with a singular theory to remove or reduce potential points of failure and to introduce modern technology wherever possible, thus increasing reliability, reducing repair cost, and bring the car to modern performance standards. Examples of this are found in the removal of the individual throttle body design of the factory inlet manifold, removing the multiple gaskets that seal the original system, as well as the reduction from twin turbos to a single turbo with a single wastegate. Additionally, all hoses were replaced, stainless braided lines were used throughout the entire power steering system, which notoriously leaks (this does not) and all of the hot-side vacuum lines, reducing any potential melting or popping off. Additionally, replacing much of the wiring harness, and utilizing upgraded sensors such as the new GM/Continental parts, as well as the high output GM alternator, removes many of the old Nissan electrical failure points while allowing for much cheaper and easier to source replacement parts in the future.

This car maintains a full interior with fully functioning AC, heat, power windows, blue-tooth, power locks, etc. Combined with 500hp and massive R35 brakes, the performance and all-around drivability of the car is matched very well against modern options of a similar price point. The car was to be built in a manner that it will start every time without issue, be able to drive whatever distance without concern, and need nothing more than your general consumables of fluid changes, brake pads, tires, etc. The new owner will be getting a well-sorted, very capable, and all importantly – very reliable, R32 GTR.

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Financing available with 650+ Score and 10% down in most cases.

Miscellaneous parts included with full asking price (very valuable and some are hard to find)

  • Rare New OEM uncut GTR titanium key (for new owner)
  • New OEM lower door seals
  • New OEM skirt clips
  • New OEM hood badge
  • New OEM spoiler seals
  • New OEM inner window/door trim
  • BNIB Whiteline rear differential bushings
  • BNIB Whiteline rear subframe bushings
  • BNIB Gktech extended wheel studs front and rear 
  • Original OEM steering wheel
  • Original OEM center dash gauges
  • Brand New Tomei head gasket 
  • Additional Garrett GT35R compressor housing

Vehicle Highlights:

Powertrain and Peripherals:

- S2 long nose crank in O5U block
- ARP headstuds
- Recent (15k KM) timing belt kit, with OE water pump and OE oil pump
- R34 Nur champagne powdercoated engine covers with R34 GTR badge
- Tomei Adjustable cam gears
- OS Giken twin disc clutch 

Hot side

- New Garrett Gen 2 dual ball bearing GT3582R Turbo
- Compressor housing T51R mod machined
Stainless braided oil and water lines with AN fittings and turbo oil filter
S-Tec 321 twin-scroll T4 manifold, single WG
ARP manifold studs
Tomei metal gaskets
Tial V60 60mm wastegate, external dump
Custom 3.5” Downpipe
ISR 3.5” test pipe (included)
Apexi high flow catalytic converter (installed)
Tomei Japan Titanium catback exhaust
Custom intercooler piping
4” intake with K&N filter

Cold side

- Trust Japan front mount intercooler
- Custom intercooler piping
- Tial QR vented BOV
- Zerofab Aluminum intake plenum (decked) setup with PCV/IACV/AAC retained
- 80mm throttle body
- Tomei metal gaskets

Fuel System

- Continental flex fuel sensor for Ethanol
- Zerofab fuel rail dual entry, single outlet, 6an braided line
- Tomei Japan adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- Injector Dynamic ID1050cc 14mm E85 injectors
- 525lph Walbro E85 fuel pump
- Hardwired fuel pump relay kit
- Fuel-it bluetooth ethanol content analyzer

Cooling System

- Koyo aluminum radiator
- ALL coolant lines replaced (under the manifold & behind head)
- New OEM fan clutch
- New OEM R34 GTR fan
- New OEM fan shroud
- New OEM Nismo low temp Thermostat (70*C)
- Chasebays coolant reservoir

Oil System

- Trust Japan Oil cooler
- GREX oil filter relocation kit with oil thermostat
- Sealed R34 GTR aluminum oil catchcan (with washer reservoir)
- PCV setup maintained and vacuum correctly pulled from intake
- Hi-Octane E85 capable Rocker Cover oil baffles with foam

Electrical System

- CWC LS1 alternator conversion
- New 2004 GTO alternator
- Wiring harness cleaned up and extended for new injectors and manifold
- Wiring specialties ignition harness
- Splitfire Ignition Coil packs
- New NGK BCPR7EIX spark plugs
- Battery relocated to the trunk, with Ballistic fabrication battery mount, Optima yellow top Battery, circuit breaker, and relay/fuse box in trunk for expansion

Engine Management System

- Haltech Platinum Pro
- Haltech I/O wideband controller
- Haltech Wideband o2 sensor
- GM 3bar MAP sensor
- Fast response Hella IAT sensor
- E85 Flex fuel tune between 91 octane and E85 by MSpek performance
- Currently tuned on wastegate pressure at 1 bar of boost

Vehicle Service:

- New Comupustar alarm system
- Oil change
- New tires
- New controls arms
- Rebuilt differential (see attached receipts)
- Reinstalled ATTESA System


- Original 326 white paint and all original glass
- OEM Nismo/N1 hood with lip
- OEM Nismo/N1 front bumper
- OEM Nismo/N1 bumper vents
- OEM Nismo/N1 front lip
- Carbon Fiber front diffuser (Abflug style)
- Fujimura Carbon Fiber gurney flap on OE spoiler
- Complete Rear Wiper, nozzle, pump and hose delete
- Takagi Original solid mounted tow hook Front/Rear
- Modified OEM Headlights: black shrouds, bi-xenon Morimoto H7 projectors with Morimoto relayed bi-xenon HID kit and harness.

- Brand New OE amber side markers
- Seibon Carbon Fiber cooling shroud
- Gas hood struts
- Brand New OEM door gasket seals
- Brand New OEM outer door/window trim (and pads)
- Brand New OEM rain guards
- Keyless entry and key fob included


- New Recaro Speed seats
- Brand New Bride MO seat mounts/rails
- Titanium NRG 4pt harness bar
- Takata Harnesses using Sabelt mounting points
- Rear seats re-dyed as OEM black
- OEM Nismo floor mats
- Double Din Pioneer Stereo with bluetooth and speakers
- Working heat and AC!!! (Complete R12 synthetic replacement conversion, seals, oil and conversion refrigerant – will include lifetime supply of refrigerant as well, very hard to find)
- Momo Japan steering wheel
- NRG vertical tilt adapter with lock
- Very Rare Impul 300kph cluster with Imperial (MPH/PSI/F) conversion
- Defi gauge Hub with Oil temp, water temp, and Boost
- AEM Wideband AFR
- Center console dual cup holders
- Fire extinguisher and driver’s seat mount
- Brand New OEM rear upper C pillar panels
- Brand new OEM shift boot and trim
- Brand new OEM Nismo shift knob
- Brand new OEM Nismo shift pattern badge
- Brand new OEM door catches

Wheels & Tires:

- Very rare Brand new, Omori Factory, Engraved Nismo LMGT4 in 18x9.5 +12 square
- Yokohama Advan Apex tires, 265/35/18 all four
- Rare extended OEM Nismo lug nuts


- R35 GTR CBA Brake Calipers
- Supertec Billet adapters front and rear
- Paragon 380mm rotors/OE R35 hats up front, with new two piece rotor hardware
- R35 GTR OE rear rotors with Supertec hats (for R32 GTR ebrake), with new two piece rotor hardware
- Brand New Hawk Street pads front and rear
- Brand new OEM BM57 Brake Master Cylinder
- ABS deleted
- Stainless braided brake lines
- Cusco Brake master cylinder brace

Steering & Suspension:

- Driftworks HICAS eliminator kit
- All HICAS valves and lines removed, rear pump removed
- Tomei HICAS electronic lock
- SuperPro steering rack bushings
- ISR solid steering rack coupler disc
- Chase bays power steering braided kit with baffled reservoir
- Custom front mounted power steering cooler with braided lines
- Driftworks rear control arm bushings in factory arm
- GKTech rear upper camber arm
- GKTech rear lateral arm
- Whiteline sway bars Front/Rear
- Whiteline end links Front/Rear
- Silk Road adjustable front upper camber arms
- Kansai Thick front strut tower bar
- Cusco rear strut tower bar
- HKS Hipermax IV coilovers
- Performance Street alignment

Technical Details

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This vehicle has been inspected by Revhard Motors prior to importing.
This vehicle is current located in: Denver, CO, USA
4840 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216
Vehicle:1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
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Vehicle:1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R